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Felicia, 21. Lurk, procrastinate, fret. Life is a series of obsessions after obsessions- there is little middle ground.


Lecturer talking about Gluteus maximus

"If you are going through the back door, this is the muscle that you are going to use. It’s not going to do much when you are going through the front door"

It took me 5 minutes to realize that she is literally talking about the doors in the lecture theatre where it is higher at the back door, so you have to climb the stairs, and descend the stairs to the front door. 

I finally have access to Sana’s Honeyworks album oh gosh i’m so excited and happy

I finally have access to Sana’s Honeyworks album oh gosh i’m so excited and happy

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LOL NUM 4!!! Exactly why I can bear with your pervertness

see, you sadist. i’m glad i have a 6 months break from your tickles, gosh. what am i going to do next year. and please, don’t pretend you’re innocent you ambiguous woman

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acinnamonn tagged me, and now I’m supposed to say 10 facts about myself.

1. I can’t swim, but I can er play in water
2. I have this slight compulsion to put my money in numerical order
3. I love massages but I can’t handle them because I’m ticklish, I can only stand it when my one friend in particular massages me (Johby come back)
4. …when I get tickled, my reactions are uncontrollably exaggerated
5. I’m hopelessly indecisive
6. When I get frustrated, I can’t speak out what I want to say and cry instead
7. I met machomachi on tumblr a few years back, and found out we live close by. when she was going to pick me up when we were going to hang out, we found out we live on the same street. still the biggest surprise of my life.
8. I sometimes name my things
9. I took Uni in Melbourne and I really miss that charming little city full of food, can’t really find Greek food here in Indonesia
10. I’m crap at keeping in contact, except for close friends

So I’m going to cheat and not going to tag anyone /runs off

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Baked kitkat with machomachi
The gap between expectation and reality was really high

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i skipped class yesterday to go sakura viewing. most of them haven’t bloomed yet but it was pretty.

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my mom mention the oscars just now and suddenly she mentioned something about leonardo and i asked her what’s with leonardo? she said “yeah, poor leonardo he didn’t win again. you know, he’s been nominated for so many times already, but he’s never won even once. i feel so bad for him.” for someone who’s not well versed in social media, my mom sounds like tumblr sometimes. 

cousin: i like the name mycroft
cousin: it's like microsoft
cousin: but it's not quite there

went to 香山 (Fragrant Mountain) the other day but red leaves have all fallen out so bleargh such a waste, thankfully it wasn’t that far

when i was skyping with my cousin he told me that after watching free, he was inspired to go swimming and he’s gone 4 times in total

and when i asked him which style he’s been practicing, back? breast?

then he whispered

"I only swim Free" 

 -Saturday 6.30am-
mom: hey, wake up
me: *bleary* huh? wha?
mom: how did sherlock fake his death?
me: we don't know, season 3 is not out yet
mom: so that was the last episode?
mom: goddammit
me: you know, not all of the actors i like are 30+
me: dylan o'brien is still in his 20s
me: as in stiles from teen wolf
friend: if you have to choose
friend: between stiles and his dad
me: is this because i screamed when stiles' dad appeared in iron man 3
friend: mmhmm

My friend Pris tagged me on a survey. And of course, I take any chance I have to procrastinate studying. 

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mom: *praising hannibal*
mom: so many people like it, it wouldn't be cancelled
mom: where's your dr. who show? never seen anyone watching it
me: well it's not aired anywhere in indo..
mom: because it's not popular
me: ...
me: hey mom
mom: have you watched hannibal???
mom: it was so exciting wasn't it
mom: he's found out that the girl-
me: mom ssshhhh
me: i haven't caught up